Jessi Dahlquist

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The painting reveals itself to me as I go. One step leads to the next and I get to watch it unfold. -Jessi

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Jessi Dahlquist



meet the artist

Jessi Dahlquist is a contemporary mixed media artist from Huntington Beach, California. Jessi's artwork is bold and colorful just like her vision -​ to empower others to follow their dreams and dare to be themselves.  She studied at the Milan Art Institute and now works from her beachside studio as a professional artist. She is a mentor to students all over the world through the Milan Art Institute. She played a pivotal role in creating the Orange County Creative Conference, where speakers from around the globe gather to encourage and empower artists in Southern California. 

Jessi Dahlquist's story is a story of transformation. A story of being transformed from darkness to light - from hiding in fear, to standing out in faith. Embarrassed and afraid of being herself in her early years, Jessi turned to drugs and was in the darkness of heroin addiction for many years. Once healed from addiction she worked as a counselor, helping others come out of their darkness and into the light. Her artwork combines the beauty of inner transformation and colorful abstract expression. Her artwork stimulates the viewer to contemplate their own inner workings and be empowered to stand out. 

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