Jessi Dahlquist

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The painting reveals itself to me as I go. One step leads to the next and I get to watch it unfold. -Jessi

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Jessi Dahlquist



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Artist Bio:

Jessi Dahlquist is a contemporary mixed media artist from Huntington Beach California who moved to the country near Austin, Texas. She uses mark making, bright color and pattern to tell her stories. Moving from the city to the country has inspired her to paint the animals in her yard and around her small town. She wants to bring whimsy and fun to her art and your home.

Jessi Dahlquist's story is a story of transformation. Embarrassed and afraid of being herself in her early years, Jessi turned to drugs and was in the darkness of heroin addiction for many years. Once healed from addiction she worked as a counselor, helping others heal from their past and find who they truly are inside. Her work as an artist is heavily influenced by her time as a counselor and passion for encouraging others. She has a heart to see others heal and be free!

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